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About Mattoon, IL:

Mattoon, IL is located in Coles County, Illinois.  The population was 18,555 according to the most recent 2010 census.  The town’s name was created in honor of William Mattoon.  William Mattoon helped contruct the Terre Haute and Alton Railroad.  The Lincoln family has also been a long part of the history.  They first settled in Coles County in the year 1831 on a farm about 3 miles south of Mattoon.  Abraham Lincoln never lived in Mattoon but he did frequently travel through the area as a circuit-riding lawyer.

In 1940 oil was discovered in Mattoon and provided a great boost to development.

Mattoon’s rich farmland is abundantly productive and provides land for farmers.  Mattoon is the home of Lake Land College and is 12 miles from Eastern Illinois University which is located in Charleston, IL.

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